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Client: Company in the banking and the insurance industry (Madrid, Spain)

The challenge: To co-create with the managers from different departments the strategic plan and a roadmap of actions focused on the organization's digital transformation.

Applied methodologies:
- Design Thinking
- Fundamentals of organizational coaching
- Lean Start Up

Tools and frameworks applied:
- Rapid prototyping: MVP
- SCRUM tools: Creation of product backlog, user story maps and burn down chart
- Barrett's Pyramid
- Value proposition identification

- Staircase of abstraction

- Brainwriting, brainstorming
- Retrospective (different formats)

Lessons learned:
- The importance of detail developing a session flow
- Content creation for a new line of business: Coaching for coaches

- The power of collective intelligence


Client: Movistar (Lima, Perú)


The Challenge: To build and negotiate new business models with digital partners such us Evernote, Life 360, Hello Food, etc. I was responsable of proposing potential partnerships, defining the commercial strategy and making sure the product was released to the market.


My role: Product Manager for New Digital Business



  • First month 60% of users impacted redeem the promotion

  • Best launching results in Latin America Evernote + Movistar Perú

  • First digital product launched in Movistar Perú

  • Internal video series enhancing digital transformation in the company

Learned lessons:

  • I developed a 360 perspective regarding a product release

  • I learned to lead multidisciplinary teams and negotiate with them.

  • Working under pressure.

  • Having rigorous control of my timing and actions.

Nestle .jpg
Nestle .jpg

Nestlé UK

Client: Mass consumption transnational  (London, UK)

The challenge: Understanding the purchasing and daily habits of a market niche prior to launching the product to the market. 

The solution: Conduct several in-depth interviews to analyze trends and identify customer real needs.   

Tools and frameworks applied:

  • Coaching powerful questions

  • Empathy Map Canvas  

  • Rapport and active listening

  • Ethnographic observation

  • Non-verbal communication 

  • Trends analysis and clustering

Lessons learned:

  • The value of powerful questions and active listening 

  • The importance of not reaching conclusions based only on the user's online interaction. Human connection is necessary to spot real needs.

  • Listening to what has not been said.

Arcelor Mittal

Client: Company from the energy sector (Asturias, Spain)

The Challenge: Develop an Open Innovation strategy to connect the company to the innovation ecosystem. We developed a spin off from the ground up.


My role: Service and Strategic Designer

Tools and frameworks applied:

  • Ethnographic research

  • Team facilitation and co-creation

  • UX / UI concepts

  • Value Proposition Canvas

  • Lean start up approach

Learned lessons:

  • Trust the process

  • Always challenge the brief

  • Background diversity enriches results

  • Fail fast, fail cheap

  • Trust in my team


Forum 2000

Client: Forum 2000 Foundation for Human Rights (Prague, Czech Republic)

The challenge:  Understand the value and impact that Forum 2000 conferences have had for their participants over the years.

Solution: Conduct in-depth interviews with policy makers and speakers from different Latin American countries.


Tools and frameworks applied:

  • Non-verbal communication 

  • Coaching powerful questions

  • Rapport and active listening

  • Trends analysis and clustering


Lessons learned:

  • Ability to synthesize findings and identify trends

  • Open communication with the client to understand the intention of the project and translate it into the final deliverable.

  • Be aware of the communication dynamic in a political environment.

  • The importance of observing non-verbal communication 

  • Copywriting and report development 

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