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IED calses.jpeg

IED Masters

Client: Design School (Madrid, Spain)

The challenge: To teach students from different Masters of Design subjects such as Innovation, Design Thinking and Creativity techniques,

Tools and frameworks applied:

  • Learning by doing approach

  • Design Thinking applied to real challenges

  • Service Design and user experience fundamentals

  • Digital Ethics and critical thinking

  • Systems thinking toolbox

Lessons learned:

  • Become aware of my creative process and how to use it in the best way.

  • The importance of having a participatory and bi-directional dynamic in the class..

  • A deep and conscious research from trustful sources 

  • To work under pressure and with tight deadlines

P4Q electronics

Client: Technology and design manufacturer (Bilbao, España)

The challenge: To accompany P4Q employees in the process of consolidating the self-management model.


Solution: A cultural transformation plan which included individual and team coaching sessions

Tools and frameworks applied:

  • Ontological and Transformational Coaching

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming - NLP

  • Systemic Thinking approach

  • Effective communication and conflict resolution


Lessons learned:

  • Active listening as the basis of any transformation process. 

  • Internal dynamics are repeated in a fractal manner throughout the organization. 

  • Self-management does not imply a lack of strategy or guidance

Enisa Mad 2.JPG


Client: European Federation of Periodontitis


The Challenge: Bring awareness among non-scientifical community about periodontitis disease


My role: Service and Strategic Designer



  • Project selected to participate in “EuroPerio” Amsterdam´s annual EFP congress.

Tools and frameworks applied:

  • Agile frameworks

  • Design Thinking

  • Ethnographic research

  • Customer journey

  • Blueprint

Learned lessons:

  • Listen to what have not been said

  • Building over the ideas of others

  • To keep a detailed backlog of the evolution of the project

  • In-depth research is the best back up for any solution

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