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European Development Days

Client: Enabel - Belgian Development Agency (Brussels, Belgium) 

The challenge: To design and facilitate a workshop focused on co-creating a roadmap of actions around how Africa and Europe can work together towards a human-centered digitization.


The most challenging part was to facilitate the exchange between such a diverse audience: EU agencies, policy makers, civil society, NGOs, think tanks, private sector and ministries. 


We also asked people to join the conversation prior to the event through a publication.

Tools and frameworks applied:

  • Art of Hosting

  • Coaching techniques

  • Design Thinking

  • Design Research

  • Human Centered Design principles

  • Previous experience in digital transformation

Lessons learned:

  • The importance of deepening into the purpose to really understand the client's needs. 

  • Working under pressure and under tight deadlines

  • Simplify the session design and focus on active participation.

  • Working in a project for the European Commission.with the highest quality requirements . 

Expertise France

Client: French agency for international cooperation projects (Paris, France)


The challenge: To co-create among members from 18 countries in Latin America the next green solutions from Euroclima+ program. 

Solution: Design and facilitation of a 4-day (15 hours) event through an innovative and  participatory approach. 

Tools and frameworks applied:

  • Scrum ceremonies: sprint planning, daily scrum, sprint review and sprint retrospective.

  • Agile product backlog

  • Kanban 

  • Work Breakdown Structure

  • Design Thinking

  • Participatory Leadership (Art of Hosting)

  • Non- Violent Communication - NVC

Lessons learned:

  • The value of diversity and collective intelligence in the co-creation process 

  • Always have a contingency plan

  • Realized the value of each ceremony in SCRUM

  • Planning in detail to ensure the success of the project

  • To work under pressure and with tight deadlines


Jaipur India

Client: Company from the manufacturing sector with more than 40 thousand artisan women (Jaipur, India)

The challenge: To provide employees practical tools that allow them to apply self-management in their day-to-day


Solution: Training in self-management through Sociocracy 3.0 practices.

Tools and frameworks applied:

  • Introduction to Meeting facilitation skills 

  • Introduction to consent decision making).

  • Learn how to effectively resolve objections.

  • Introduce and practice the role selection process

Lessons learned:

  • To be aware of the cultural differences because any misunderstanding can change the natural flow of the training.

  • To be respectful and open minded with a hierarchy system that works in a different way.

  • Listen carefully and learn from the dynamics that are currently working within the teams.

  • Ensure that all participants can communicate at the same level in the chosen language.


Client:  Company in the energy sector (Madrid, Spain)

The challenge:  To provide workers with tools that will help them to bring the organizational transformation into their daily basis. 

Solution: Design and co-creation of a cultural transformation plan ad hoc for the organization.

Methodologies applied:

- Design Thinking


- Kanban

Tools and frameworks applied:

- AS IS - TO BE diagnosis of the current situation and their foresight.

- In-depth interviews and ethnographic research with key collaborators.

- Co-creation of a congruent roadmap of actions aligned with the project strategy.

- Identification of change agents in the organization to foster transformation from within.

Lessons learned:

- Empathize with employees at all hierarchical levels.

- How to translate research results in tangible actions.

- How to listen to what is not being said.

Endesa .png

TWY workshops

Client: Executives and middle managers interested in learning alternative methodologies for cultural transformation in their organization (Latam)

The challenge: Design and facilitation of workshops in partnership with Thinking with you and 9 Brains.


Tools and frameworks applied:

  • Sociocracy 3.0

  • Design Thinking

  • Art of Hosting 

  • Business Agility

  • Teal Organizations

Lessons learned:

  • I improved my public speaking skills and my ability to respond to the emergent. 

  • Deepen my knowledge on Sociocracy 3.0.

  • Design of highly participatory workshops tailored to the reality of each attendee.

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