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Client: Santander (Spain)

The challenge: To co-create with the managers from different departments the strategic plan and a roadmap of actions focused on the organization's digital transformation.

Applied methodologies:
- Design Thinking
- Fundamentals of organizational coaching
- Lean Start Up

Tools and frameworks applied:
- Rapid prototyping: MVP
- SCRUM tools: Creation of product backlog, user story maps and burn down chart
- Barrett's Pyramid
- Value proposition identification

- Staircase of abstraction

- Brainwriting, brainstorming
- Retrospective (different formats)

Lessons learned:
- The importance of detail developing a session flow
- Content creation for a new line of business: Coaching for coaches

- The power of collective intelligence

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Client: Enabel - Belgian Development Agency (Brussels, Belgium) 

The challenge:  To provide workers with tools that will help them to bring the organizational transformation into their daily basis. 

Solution: Design and co-creation of a cultural transformation plan ad hoc for the organization.

Methodologies applied:

- Design Thinking


- Kanban

Tools and frameworks applied:

- AS IS - TO BE diagnosis of the current situation and their foresight.

- In-depth interviews and ethnographic research with key collaborators.

- Co-creation of a congruent roadmap of actions aligned with the project strategy.

- Identification of change agents in the organization to foster transformation from within.

Lessons learned:

- Empathize with employees at all hierarchical levels.

- How to translate research results in tangible actions.

- How to listen to what is not being said.

- Teamwork under pressure and tight deadlines.



Client: Technology manufacturer (Bilbao, España)

The challenge: To accompany P4Q employees in the process of consolidating the self-management model.


Solution: A cultural transformation plan which included individual and team coaching sessions

Tools and frameworks applied:

  • Ontological and Transformational Coaching

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming - NLP

  • Systemic Thinking approach

  • Effective communication and conflict resolution


Lessons learned:

  • Active listening as the basis of any transformation process. 

  • Internal dynamics are repeated in a fractal manner throughout the organization. 

  • Self-management does not imply a lack of strategy or guidance

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